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Our agency uses Make, the most advancedNoCode automation tool on the market.

Make (formerly Integromat) is a historical NoCode technology that allows to automate business processes and repetitive tasks by visually creating "scenarios" using different online services and applications. It is possible to connect a very large number of services and applications together and define actions to be performed when certain conditions are met.

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Make, the NoCode reference tool for creating scalable automation scenarios

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Make is a NoCode technology recognized in the ecosystem for process and business task automation projects.

We support our customers on NoCode automation projects to meet business productivity challenges. Our NoCode approach with Make guarantees:

- Time saving : by automating repetitive tasks, you can save time and focus on more important tasks.

- Efficiency improvement: by connecting different tools and defining automated actions, you can avoid human errors and improve your business efficiency.

- Better collaboration within your business teams: by connecting different tools used by your team, you can facilitate collaboration and communication.

- A reduction in costs: by automating certain tasks, you can reduce labor-related costs.

Make, the most powerful and complete NoCode automation solution on the market

Make is a must-have technology in the NoCode ecosystem and is used by many companies around the world, from growing startups to large corporations to digitizing SMEs. Make has a strong track record in the market and has many advantages:

- A wide range of supported services and applications allowing users to easily connect many different tools.

- Flexibility: with Make, it is possible to create custom scenarios according to your specific needs. It is also possible to update or modify your scenarios at any time.

- Scalability and security: the Make platform is designed to be scalable and secure with high standards tailored to the needs of large enterprises.

- Flexible pricing: Make offers different pricing options to meet the needs of different businesses.

The answers to your questions

Is the Make platform secure?

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Make takes security issues very seriously and implements measures to ensure a high level of project performance and security:

- Secure servers: make servers are protected by firewalls and advanced security measures to prevent cyber attacks.

- Data encryption: data passing between make servers and connected applications and services is encrypted to protect its privacy.

- Permission control: make allows you to control access permissions and privacy levels for each scenario, allowing you to manage the security of your data on a granular basis.

- Regular updates: make regularly updates its security measures to ensure its users have the best possible protection.

Is it possible to host the data in Europe on Make?

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Yes, it is possible to host scenarios and data on a European server instance via Make.

What tasks and processes can be automated with Make?

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Data stored in Airtable is hosted on secure servers managed by Airtable. Airtable also offers data backup and recovery options to keep your information safe. You can set up automatic backup tasks to regularly back up your database and you can use the change history to restore records to a previous version if needed.

How secure is Airtable?

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Make is a NoCode tool that connects different applications and services to automate tasks and processes such as:

- Sending email or SMS notifications when a specific event occurs in an application;

- Importing or exporting data between different applications;

- Synchronizing data between different applications;

- Performing calculations from data from different sources;

- Automating data entry tasks;

- Creating, updating or deleting records in one application from data in another application.

What is an API?

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An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of features and specifications that allows different applications to communicate with each other and connect to other services. An API typically defines how different parts of an application can interact, how data can be exchanged, and how functionality can be used by other applications.

APIs are often used to allow different applications to connect to each other and share data, for example to synchronize data between a website and a mobile application, or to allow different applications to work together to complete a task. APIs are also used to allow developers to create applications that use functionality and data from other services, such as an interactive map in an application that uses geolocation data from an online mapping service.

APIs are essential to the development of NoCode technologies.

We help our clients architect and developscalable NoCode automation to optimize their business operations

Our team includes certified experts to investigate, design and implement automation solutions with NoCode Make technology in record time.

Our approach is adapted to all sizes of companies to identify the axes of automation, design robust action plans and implement automation with Make technology.

We can also train your employees to make them autonomous and gain hours of productivity.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and determine the best options to optimize your operations with Make.

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