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We have a number of initiatives to promote the No-Code and Low-Code ecosystem

Photo of the No Code Summit

NoCode Summit : the world's first trade fair dedicated to NoCode

The Cube team is proud to actively contribute to the development of the NoCode Summit: the world's leading trade show dedicated to NoCode and LowCode technologies. Already over 3 editions with a total of over 6,000 participants. A resounding success that heralds an exciting next edition, in the legendary Station F hall!

Photo of the No Code Summit
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NoCode Series: the NoCode media of reference

With the NoCode Series, we go out to meet these companies: start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, large corporations, to better understand why and how they use NoCode technologies on a daily basis and share the best learnings from their experience.

The NoCode Series is also a wealth of content shared by community writers on NoCode topics: experts, publishers, agencies...

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SFPN: French Association of NoCode Professionals

Founded in 2022, SFPN (Syndicat Français des Professionnels du NoCode) aims to federate NoCode professionals in France, identify common causes and coordinate group actions. In particular, it was the grouping of SFPN companies that gave rise to the NoCode Summit trade show.

Pierre Launay, Chairman of Groupe Cube, has also been Chairman of SFPN since 2022.

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