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Our agency uses Bubble, the most powerful NoCode platform to develop custom web applications.

Bubble is a NoCode development tool founded in 2012 that enables the design, development and deployment of complex web applications without lines of code. The company has raised over $100M and has over 2.5M users and customers worldwide, from growing startups like Zendesk or Lyft to large corporations like L'Oreal, Yamaha, Vmware, Norauto...

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Bubble, for what needs?

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Bubble is a very complete NoCode platform that allows to design, develop and publish in record time robust and scalable web applications to millions of users.

Here are some examples of web application projects we have created with Bubble:

- BtoB or BtoC marketplace allowing different sellers to offer their products or services to buyers. A marketplace acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, facilitating commercial transactions and ensuring the protection of each party's interests.

- Internal platform for your employees with features customized to your company's needs. Internal platforms can be aimed at facilitating communication and collaboration within the company, allowing employees to share documents, discuss and work together efficiently. They can also be used to disseminate internal information and announcements, access internal applications and databases, and manage company tasks and projects.

- Customized CRM or ERP to track interactions with your customers, partners and providers with specific needs.

- Customized dashboards connected to various data sources to drive your business or track your metrics online.

- E-commerce websites to sell your products online.

- SaaS platform to sell your custom tool (productivity, marketing, communication...) on subscription.

Why use Bubble?

Bubble is now considered one of the most powerful and complete NoCode web application creation technologies on the market. Bubble is a versatile and accessible platform that allows you to quickly develop professional quality web applications. There are many reasons to choose Bubble for your web project:

- Speed of development: Bubble allows you to quickly develop web applications with its predefined elements and ready-to-use code blocks. The development effort can be dedicated to the custom and complex parts of your project.

- Customization: Bubble allows you to fully customize a web application according to your needs. It is possible to add Javascript code as an overlay if needed, in order to extend the possibilities specific to each project.

- Scalability and security: Bubble takes security and scalability seriously and implements measures to ensure the security of your data and the scalability of your application. However, it is important to follow security and scalability best practices in Bubble application development to ensure the performance of your application.

- Documentation and developer community: Bubble has detailed documentation and an active developer community that can help you solve problems and extend application functionality.

Bubble, the most powerful NoCode development platform for building scalable web applications

Bubble is a historical NoCode development platform and brings many features to build and deploy complex web applications in record time while ensuring the highest level of security and scalability.

Here are some examples of security measures implemented by Bubble:

- User authentication : Bubble supports user authentication via third-party services such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, or via user accounts created by your users.

- Data encryption: Bubble encrypts all sensitive data, including passwords and payment information, to protect your data from unauthorized access.

- Firewall: Bubble uses a firewall to protect your application from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other online threats.

When it comes to scalability, Bubble was designed to be scalable and able to handle large amounts of traffic and data. Here are some examples of Bubble's scalability features:

- Automatic scaling: Bubble uses an automatic scaling system that adds or removes servers based on the load of your application, thus maintaining optimal performance.

- Scalable data storage: Bubble uses PostgreSQL relational databases, which are designed to be scalable and capable of handling large amounts of data.

- Memory and bandwidth management: Bubble implements memory and bandwidth management measures to effectively manage your application load and avoid slowdowns.

The answers to your questions

Where is the data hosted on Bubble?

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Bubble manages the storage and management of this data for you, allowing you to focus on building your application rather than managing the database. By default, Bubble's service subscription plans include hosting on AWS databases located in the US. It is possible to subscribe to a dedicated plan to get customized hosting in the geographical area of your choice. The latter offers great performance for companies with specific scalability needs.

How secure is Bubble?

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Bubble takes security very seriously. There are many security measures, some pertaining to the infrastructure (managed by Bubble), others specific to the development of the application.

Among the server-side security measures, we distinguish:

- Dual-level DDoS protection: Bubble uses Cloudflare to monitor and prevent DDoS attacks. In addition, Bubble deploys an internal DDoS protection system to track and block even the most granular attacks.

- Data encryption: Bubble encrypts all data via RDS AES-256 to protect your data.

- Service reliability: With hosting on AWS, Bubble guarantees stable service availability and performance of its platform and hosted applications. You can check Bubble's real-time updates and server health status on their dedicated page.

- Vulnerability detection: Bubble uses a third-party scanning and monitoring service to identify and close any potential system vulnerabilities.

Application-side security measures include:

- Privacy rules: It is possible to precisely configure data access roles for end users.

- Logs: Users can view detailed logs of actions recorded in the application.

Can I scale my web application with Bubble?

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Absolutely. The performance of your application on Bubble is intimately linked to the best practices implemented during the development phase as well as the hosting subscribed with Bubble. Many applications developed on Bubble host hundreds or even millions of visitors per month.

Cube, certified agency on Bubble since 2019

Cube Agency is an expert in Bubble technology since 2019 and recognized as a leading agency to realize complex projects for its clients. Our team of experts will work alongside you to help you achieve your goals and support your growth.

Please contact us for more information. We'd love to explore how Bubble can help you with your web application projects.

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