Our nocode approach

NoCode has revolutionized the way web and mobile applications are launched.
We are leveraging its full potential.

Our tailored and modular approach adapts to all your needs. Since 2019, we have developed and tested a personalized support methodology to continuously adapt to your software, application or website needs.

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Our services

Showcase website

We create high-end showcase websites to showcase your business, your brand and convert your users.

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E-commerce website

We create e-commerce sites optimized to showcase your products and services and to convert your visitors.

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We develop custom marketplaces in record time using NoCode. We create unique marketplaces that meet the needs of both sellers and buyers.

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Internal platforms & back-offices

Do you need customized interfaces to manage or pilot your activity? We develop internal platforms to boost your productivity.

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We develop CRM, ERP customized to your company's needs.

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We connect multiple services together and implement automation to support your growth.

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Mobile applications

We create the mobile application that will help you showcase your product in the most optimal way possible.

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Our approach in 3 phases

Our modular NoCode design and development methodology is based on 3 key pillars:

  1. 1 - The analysis and understanding of your needs and your business issues.
  2. 2 - A methodical approach to recommend the best technical solutions according to the context, the security requirements, the budget and your roadmap.
  3. 3 - An agile and proven methodology in daily project management.
Discovery phase
We conduct a series of workshops with your team to establish an optimal product strategy and frame the project for launch.
Vision V1

We define together the vision of the first product in correlation with your business challenges.

Customer Journey

We build the high level course and identify the hot spots.

Technical Investigation

Our tech team investigates and validates the technical environment of the project.

Product Roadmap and User Scenarios

We plan a coherent roadmap and write the initial user scenarios.

Phase Start
We design and develop your project in the shortest possible time with NoCode technologies.
User Experience and UX Wireframes

We define precisely the user flows of your future application. This step is essential in order to immerse ourselves in the universe of your project and understand all the ins and outs. Our team works to imagine and create an optimal user experience to meet the challenges and needs of users. Through a series of UX co-creation workshops, this phase leads to the creation of low-fidelity models of your product, translating a simple, intuitive and coherent experience.

Moodboard and UI guidelines

Your users expect a remarkable and unique experience from your product. Through an inspiration workshop, our design team will help you identify the soul and atmosphere of your application.

High fidelity models

On the basis of the inspirations and the preliminary UX work, we decline all the views of the application in high fidelity models which will be the mirror of the future developments.

Dynamic Figma prototype

In order to immerse you in your application in the most beautiful way, we create a dynamic prototype from the high fidelity mock-ups. You can experiment with your product even before the development phase and start communicating about the project.

User scenarios

In order to finalize the design file, we rigorously write the user scenarios (user stories) of the application allowing the development team to take control of the technical realization of the project without interpretation.

NoCode Development

Our experienced NoCode developers develop a robust and optimized application from the validated design file.

Recipe and Debugging

Before the deployment in production, our team tests and ensures the conformity of the product with the specifications.

You also have access to the application during this period, to validate the deliverable.

Closing, Deployment and Launch

Before the deployment in production, our team tests and ensures the conformity of the product with the specifications. You also have access to the application during this period to validate the deliverable.

Phase Scale
Our experts intervene on a time-sharing basis to maintain and develop your project over time with a flexible approach.
Product Owner NoCode

Evolve the product and manage the feature backlog.
‍Accompanimentin part-time or full-time

UX/UI Product Designer

Improve the experience to best meet user needs.
‍Accompanimentin part-time or full-time

Developer NoCode

Maintain and implement new features and optimize your application.
‍Accompanimentin part-time or full-time

SEO Expert

Optimize natural referencing to position yourself #1 on Google.
‍Accompanimentto the mission

Expert Growth

Identify growth vectors and generate traction.
‍Accompanying themission

Brand Designer

Create a remarkable and impactful identity for your project.
‍Accompanimentto the mission

Why cube?

Our core business

We support clients of all sizes in the launch or modernization of high value-added digital products.

Take advantage of a tax credit

We are accredited to the CII

Cube is an innovation agency approved by the Innovation Tax Credit (ITC) on behalf of its clients.

Thus, expenses devoted to the design and development of new products through our approach are eligible.

You can thus benefit from the scheme and deduct 30% of the expenses during your tax year.