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We create high-end showcase websites to showcase your business, your brand and convert your users.

Just like in the most beautiful shop windows in the world, you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression. On the Internet, the visibility of your company is essential. For that, a high performance and quality website is fundamental to reach your visibility objectives.

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What are the different types of websites?

There are several types of showcase website, which can be classified according to different criteria.
Here are some examples of types of showcase websites:

According to the content and your services:

- Institutional website: this is a showcase website that presents a company, an association, a community, etc.

- Online sales website: this is a website that allows to order and pay for products or services online.

- Blog: this is a website that presents articles written on a specific topic of your company, often with an informative or entertaining purpose.

- Portal: this is a website that groups together several sections and offers many services, such as messaging, a search engine, etc.

- Social network: this is a website that allows its users to create a personal profile and communicate with each other.

- Generalist content website: this is a website that deals with various topics, such as news, entertainment, etc.

According to the target audience, your company and your customers:

- General public website: this is a showcase website that caters to a wide audience, regardless of their age or knowledge level.

- Professional website: this is a showcase website that is aimed at a specialized audience, such as professionals in a trade or experts in a field.

- Children's website: this is a showcase website that is aimed at a child audience, with content adapted to their age and level of understanding.

Depending on the format and your objective:

- Static website: this is a showcase website that does not change, or changes very little, over time. The pages are prepared in advance and put online as is. A static site can be updated manually, by directly modifying the HTML pages.

- Dynamic site: this is a website that can be modified at any time, thanks to a content management system. Users can add, delete or modify the website pages without touching the HTML files. A dynamic website is usually easier to update than the static showcase website, and allows for more advanced functionality.

- Responsive website: this is a website that automatically adapts to the screen size of the device used to view it, whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone. A responsive website is designed to be easy to use on any support, without having to zoom or move the screen to read the content.

It is also possible to define other formats of showcase website, depending on the features or technologies used. For example, there are Flash websites, which use the Adobe Flash multimedia creation software, or HTML5 websites, which use the latest version of the HTML language to display rich and interactive content.

What is the difference between a showcase website and an application for my clients?

A storefront website is a set of web pages that are accessible via a web browser on a computer, tablet or cell phone. A storefront website can be viewed by anyone who has access to the Internet, and it is usually accessible via a link (URL).

An application, or "app", is software that is installed on a device (usually a cell phone or tablet) and allows you to perform a specific task or access a certain feature. Apps are typically downloaded from an "app store" (such as Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store) and run locally on the device. Apps are often designed to be used offline and they can provide a more immersive user experience than storefront websites.

It is not necessary to create both a storefront website and an app for your project. The best solution depends on your goals and target audience. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether you should create a showcase website or an app:

- Features: Apps can offer more advanced features than showcase websites such as access to the device's camera or microphone, geolocation, etc. If your project requires the use of these features, an app may be the best solution.

- User Experience : Apps can offer a more immersive and fluid user experience than storefront websites, as they are designed to be used on a single device and do not require page loads. If you want to provide a great user experience for your users, an app might be the way to go.

- Target Audience: If your target audience is primarily people using desktop computers or mobile devices that are not app-enabled (e.g., some Linux phone models), a storefront website might be a better option.

- Cost: Creating an app can be more expensive and time-consuming than creating a showcase website, especially if you need to develop versions for different operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.). If you have a limited budget or want to launch your project quickly, a showcase website may be a more cost-effective solution.

It's important to take the time to think about your goals and target audience before deciding whether you should create a showcase website or an app. In some cases, it may be useful to create both a showcase website and an application to cover all the needs of your target audience.

When should you develop a showcase website rather than a landing page?

A showcase website is usually used to present information about a business, product or service permanently, while a landing page is usually used to promote a product or service temporarily and to entice visitors to perform a specific action, such as filling out a registration form or purchasing a product.

Therefore, it is recommended to carry out the creation of a showcase website if you need a permanent place to present your business or products/services, while a landing page can be used to promote a specific product or service or to capture leads for your business.

It is also possible to develop a showcase website that includes landing pages to promote different products or services, or to capture leads at different stages of your customers' buying journey.

Should I develop my website alone or with an agency during the creation?

When creating your vitine, there are advantages and disadvantages to developing your showcase website on your own or with an agency:

Creating a showcase website within your company, without resorting to service provision:

- You have full control over the development process and can make real-time decisions based on your goals.
- You save money by not paying an agency to create your showcase website.

However, the disadvantages of developing your showcase website alone are numerous and important to consider:

- You will have to invest time and effort to learn how to use a showcase website development tool and to carry out the creation of your site.
- You will not have access to the expertise and skills of an agency in design, development and marketing strategy.
- All the time spent on the technical side of things will be less time spent on nurturing your business with your customers and enabling your business to grow.

There are many advantages of developing your website with a specialized agency:

- You benefit from the expertise and skills of an agency in terms of design, development and marketing strategy to increase the number of visitors and meet the objective of your business.
- You save time by letting an agency take care of the development of your showcase website when providing services.
- You have time to focus on selling your services and concentrate on what really matters to your business.

Disadvantages of developing your showcase website with an agency:

- You will have to pay for the agency's services in return for their service, but as with any project: the time is either purchased as a service or by paying for internal company resources.
- You will not have as much control over the development process and will have to follow the agency's schedule.

Ultimately, the decision to develop your showcase website on your own or with an agency depends on your skills, budget and design and development needs. If you have the skills and time, developing your website on your own may be a good option. If you are looking to get a professional looking website and would rather focus on your business than on developing your website, working with an agency may be a better option.

Services in agency or with freelancers?

There are advantages and disadvantages to working with an agency (larger company) or a freelancer to develop your website:

An agency offers a variety of services for your business:

- You benefit from the expertise and skills of a team of professionals and the structure of a company.
- You have access to a wide range of services, such as design, development, marketing and SEO to support you on a daily basis as a client.
- You can negotiate a package of services that covers all your client needs.

Working with an agency may mean a greater investment for your business, but it is still an investment:

- The cost of the service will potentially be more expensive, due to the more comprehensive support offered to meet your goals and client needs.

Less structure, more agility, the freelancer offers a more surgical service to meet your goal

- You can get a better price for your website development services.
- You can be more flexible and work with the freelancer of your choice.
- You have more control over the development process.

More flexibility can mean a lack of focus and a longer service delivery, the 5-legged sheep who assume the entirety of a service (from scoping to technical implementation) are rare and this can lead to too much responsibility to assume for the client.

- You won't have access to a team of professionals and will have to rely on one person for all of the development services for your showcase website.
- It can be difficult to find a freelancer that fits your needs and budget.

Ultimately, the decision to work with an agency or a freelancer depends on your needs, your budget and your collaboration preferences. If you are looking to get a professional looking website and have a limited budget, working with a freelancer may be a good option. If you prefer to work with a professional team and have a larger budget, an agency may be a better option.

The answers to your questions

Why is SEO very important in the design of a showcase website?

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Search Engine Optimization (also known as "SEO" for "Search Engine Optimization") is very important when designing a storefront website because it can have a huge impact on how your storefront website is presented in search engine results such as Google.
Here are some reasons why SEO is important:

- Increased visibility: Good SEO can help you get more visits to your storefront website, as it will be ranked higher in the search results. This can lead to more traffic to your storefront website and, in turn, more sales and conversions.

- Lower cost: Natural SEO is generally less expensive than paid online advertising. This means that you can get a higher return on investment through natural SEO.

- Better user experience: Search engines aim to provide users with the best possible search results. If your showcase website is well optimized for SEO, it will be easier to navigate and provide a better user experience.

In summary, SEO is very important for showcase website design because it can help you get more visits to your showcase website, get a higher return on investment and provide a better user experience.

How to choose your NoCode tool according to your company's objective?

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There are several things to consider when choosing a no code tool to develop your showcase website or landing page:

- Your web design and development skills: some no code tools are easier to use than others and can be a good option for beginners, while others are more advanced and better suited for people with existing web design and development knowledge.

- Your feature needs: some no code tools offer a full range of features, while others are more limited. Make sure you choose a tool that meets your feature needs.

- Your budget: there are free no code tools and others that are paid. Make sure you choose a tool that fits your budget.

- Your comfort level with learning a new tool: some no code tools are easier to learn than others, so consider your comfort level when learning new things.

It can be helpful to make a list of your needs and preferences, and then research different no code tools to see which ones best meet those criteria. You can also read reviews and testimonials from people who have used these tools to get an idea of their ease of use and functionality.

Wordpress or Webflow for my showcase?

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WordPress and Webflow are both popular tools for creating a showcase website, but they are quite different from each other and are suitable for different purposes.
Here are some things to consider when choosing between WordPress and Webflow:

- Ease of use: WordPress is known to be easy to use and is therefore well-suited for beginners. Webflow, on the other hand, is a bit more advanced and can be more difficult for beginners to use.

- Customization: WordPress allows you to customize your showcase website using themes and plugins, but customization is more limited than in Webflow. Webflow allows you to design your showcase website visually and customize it more thoroughly.

- Features: WordPress is very feature rich and allows you to create almost any type of showcase website. Webflow, on the other hand, is more specialized in creating designer showcase websites and offers fewer features than WordPress.

- Cost: WordPress is free, but you will have to pay for hosting and domains. Webflow is paid, but it includes hosting and domain name in its price.

In summary, WordPress is well suited for people who are looking to create a showcase website with a wide range of features and are comfortable with learning new things. Webflow is better suited for people who are looking to create a high-quality design showcase website and are willing to invest time in learning how to use the tool.

What is the price of a website developed on Weflow?

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It is difficult to give a precise price for the development of a website because the cost depends on many factors such as the complexity of the project, the desired functionalities, the duration of the development and the design and content needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate together the best options for your web project.

Cube, certified Enterprise Partner Webflow agency

Cube agency is certified as a Webflow Enterprise Partner in order to carry out complex projects for its clients. Our team of experts works alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Webflow is recognized in the web design community for many reasons:

- Intuitive visual interface: Webflow allows you to design and format the showcase websites using a drag-and-drop visual interface, which makes the creation of showcase websites faster and easier.
- Design flexibility: Webflow offers great design flexibility, which means that it is possible to fully customize the look and feel of your showcase website according to your needs.
- Integrated marketing tools: Webflow offers a full range of integrated marketing tools that allow you to promote your showcase website and attract new customers.
- Integrated hosting: Webflow offers integrated hosting for your showcase websites, which means you don't have to worry about server configuration or managing updates.

In summary, Webflow is a powerful and flexible showcase website creation platform that can be especially useful for showcase website projects due to its ease of use, design flexibility and integrated marketing tools.

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